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Hello, Meanttobers! We have come to the official end of this round. Fear not, however, because the July 1st Amnesty Day is a GO! I'm hoping that it will encourage people who needed a bit more time (including myself!) to push to the finish line and give us some more happily ever afters.

Feel free to post your fic/art to your own journal any time between now and July 1st, during which time the actual comm will be locked to posting. Then, on July 1st, I will unlock posting and you can cross-post whatever you have done so that we can all see it and appreciate your schmoopy awesomeness!

In the meantime, here is the masterlist for the round proper so you can check-out all the good stuff you might have missed. I will be updating the masterlist after July 1st, so everyone will be accounted for.


Fic Only

Family Business [NC-17] by ephermeralk
Small Town Secrets [NC-17] by thestarkat
The Golden Dove [R] by all_the_damned
The Last Train from El Paso [PG] by thursdaysisters

Art Only

Birth Right [PG] by uh_tiramisu

Fic and Art

Lion Lay Down With Me [NC-17] fic/art by smalltrolven
What Sam Found There [PG-13] fic by blackrabbit42, art by amberdreams


Fic Only

Convincing the Consort [PG-13] by sanshal
For Keeps [NC-17] by without_me
I Think I Love You (But I Don’t Even Know You) [NC-17] by keep_waking_up
Lazarus Rising [NC-17] by twoboys2love
Love at First Fight [NC-17] by whiskygalore
On Shaky Ground [PG-13] by zubeneschamali
The Future is Mine to See [NC-17] by annie46
The Marriage Arrangement [NC-17] by brutti_ma_buoni
The Twain Shall Meet [NC-17] by brutti_ma_buoni
Waking Up Married [NC-17] by jillmariej
You Can Be My Yoko Ono [PG-13] by sigrundora

Art Only

A Journey's Beginning [G] by amberdreams
Back & Forth [G] by uh_tiramisu
Meanwhile in Hollywood [G] by beelikej
Secrets of the Wolf [G] by matchboximpala
Suddenly Expecting [PG] by containerpark
The Daddy Project [G] by littlepistols

Fic and Art

At The Mercy Of The Moon [NC-17] fic by hybridshade, art by inanna_maat
Chasing Trouble [NC-17] fic by viviansface, art by cassiopeia7
Paper Faces [NC-17] fic/art by ar_richardson
Terms of Engagement [PG] fic by cleflink, art by becc_j
The Wedding Planner's Best Man [NC-17] fic by dolnmoon, art by lightthesparks
These Healing Wounds [NC-17] fic by obsidianromance, art by demondetox
Trial Marriage [NC-17] fic/art by firesign10
When Worlds Collide [NC-17] fic by meus_venator, art by siennavie
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