Do you kiss your mother with that mouth? (tebtosca) wrote in spn_meanttobe,
Do you kiss your mother with that mouth?

SPN-Meanttobe 2016 -- A New Round Begins!

Happy New Year, Meanttobers! Last year was as much fun as the one before it, so I'm happy to announce another round for 2016.

Important Dates:

Sun, January 31: Summaries posted with comments locked for 24 hours
Mon, February 1: Claims Open at 12pm EST
Tue, February 2: Second round claims open 12pm EST
May 1-31: Open posting

Open posting will last the entire month of May.

The Rules:

- All fic must be at least 1000 words
- Art must be at least one complete piece
- Vids must be at least one minute long
- New rule: Podfic is welcome in collaboration with a writer
- All genres are acceptable -- RPS or SPN; slash, gen, het, or femslash
- Each prompt can be claimed by one writer and/or one artist. A writer and artist can sign up TOGETHER to do one prompt, but please sign up in the same comment.
- Only one claim per person, per round.
- Happy ending is MANDATORY

The deliciously talented quickreaver revamped her amazing art made just for this comm for new promo banners! Please feel free to use them to spread the word about our HAPPY ENDING (I leave it to you guys to decide whether it's the schmoopy or porny kind. I prefer both!)

Let me know in the comments if there are any questions or concerns, and welcome to a new round! ♥
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