phoenix1966 (phoenix1966) wrote in spn_meanttobe,

Coming Soon - A New Round of Meant To Be!

Thanks to the graciousness of wendy, a new group of mods are here to host another round of this wonderful, schmoopy challenge that guarantees to bring every reader/viewer a happy ending.

Following in the amazing footsteps of wendy, thehighwaywoman, ebcdic and the dedicated tebtosca (who ran three of these challenges), casey679, swan_song21 and I are thrilled to be able to bring this back once more! While we have no idea what kind of ending the showrunners have in mind for Supernatural, we all know what this challenge brings. And who couldn't use a little HEA these days?

In the next week or so, be on the lookout for masterlists from the previous rounds with links to the right of the comm for those, the new schedule, a formal FAQ and the now-active Tumblr that serves as both an archive of masterlists with the most recent story/art links available and will also offer another location for reminders and information on the upcoming round.

Spread the word and get excited, because the happiest Spn fandom challenge is back!
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